Purchasing a Legal Precedent

Users who wish to purchase a document:

  • The user can Search and/or Select the document/precedent that they wish to purchase and add to basket/cart.
  • The user shall then be required to register or login. This creates an account for the user where the user can then view orders, billing, downloads etc.
  • Thereafter the user shall proceed shall be required to provide billing information (name, email, telephone number and address). This information is provided for delivery purposes only. NO financial details are requested, obtained or stored on our website.
  • The user can then select to pay for the precedent using our payment gateway (Payfast) or by EFT. IN the case of Payfast, the user can choose to pay via an instant bank payment, credit card or debit card.
  • Through our payment gateway, the user will be advised whether the transaction was approved or declined. If the charge was declined, the user will not receive any further messages and the transaction will terminate. If desired, the user can click back in the browser and enter select an alternate payment method.
  • If the transaction is approved a response page will be displayed, informing the user that the transaction was successful.
  • If payment is successful, the user will then immediately thereafter receive an email from our automated system which will provide them with an invoice as well as with the access link to the document and download. This link is available on the users account and will be available indefinitely to the user and the user has unlimited downloads.
  • In the case of an EFT, only once payment has CLEARED in our account shall the document be available for download.
  • We not give refunds after purchase, however we do guarantee quality.
  • We offer free after sale support and assistance in setting up the agreement/precedent.
  • The precedents are fully drafted, all you need to do is insert your details and sign.
  • Documents are drafted in Microsoft Word.

Use of agreement and precedents

Our documents are available for personal use and may not be resold.

Complaints and Disputes

In the event of any complaints or disputes, please Contact Us with the full details of your complaint or dispute. We may require you to provide additional information and details before we are able to resolve the complaint or dispute. We endeavour to resolve complaints and disputes within 10 (ten) business days after our receipt of all the relevant information.