Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions

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CH Legal Consulting offers expert risk management solutions.

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.Our services include a 6 step process, each of which are inter-linked and inter-dependent and cover the identification, assessment and management of risk, corporate governance and compliance, as well as ensure the sustainability and success of our client.

Each step of our solution continues through the duration of our service, thereby continuing to identify, asses, monitor and manage our client’s risks and further provide innovative solutions, aimed at ensuring the success of our client.

risk management process

Our solution considers our client’s business, its strategic objectives, corporate governance and compliance, as well as as our client’s values, culture, risk appetite and risk tolerance. Taking these factors into account, we build a solution that is aligned with our client’s business and which allows integration.

We provide services to large and medium sized companies and cover all industries and sectors.

consult & identify

problem solve & plan


implement & monitor

Organisations can no longer ignore risks that face business and are taking a greater interest in risk and risk management. It is increasingly understood that the explicit and structured risk management of risk, brings benefits.

By taking a proactive approach to risk and risk management, organisations will be able to achieve the following areas of improvement