Agreements Price List

price list: contracts & precedents 

Prices (some items are on sale and sale price is not listed here) 
Memorandum of Incorporation R3 000.00
Shareholders Agreement R3 000.00
Notice of General Meeting R150.00
Notice of Annual General Meeting R150.00
Sale of Shares Agreement R1 500.00
Sale of Business Agreement R2 500.00
Sale of Goods Agreement R1250.00
Lease of Property Agreement R1 500.00
Services Agreement R2 300.00
Project Scope R400.00
Memorandum of Understanding (Joint Venture Agreement ) R1 500.00
Joint Venture Agreement R3 500.00
Due Diligence Checklist R600.00
Comprehensive Due Diligence R3 500.00
Plant Hire Agreement R3 200.00
Loan Agreement R1300.00
Suretyship R550.00
Payment Guarantee R1500.00
Acknowledgement of Debt R750.00
Permanent Contract of Employment R1 250.00
Fixed Term Contract of Employment R1 200.00
Disciplinary Codes of Conduct R850.00
Disciplinary Procedure R650.00
Termination of Employment & Settlement Agreement R1 500.00
Corporate Bundle R7 125.00
Joint Venture Bundle R5 320.00
Service Provider Bundle R4 417.50
Labour Bundle R2 612.50
Smart Choice Bundle From R5 700.00
Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement R2 250.00
Round Robin resolution R250.00
Simple Will R1050.00
Enduring Power of Attorney R450.00
Labour Bundle 2 (Termination of Employment) R1080.00
Sale of Car Agreement R750.00
Sale of Car Agreement in installments R850.00
S189 Retrenchment Notice R450.00
Letter of Demand (against car repair service provider) R450.00

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