Acknowledgement of Debt

Acknowledgement of Debt

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acknowledgement of debt PRECEDENT

This Acknowledgement of Debt, is a legal precedent in terms of which a debtor acknowledges a debt in favour of a creditor and agrees/undertakes to pay the creditor the acknowledged debt at an agreed time in the future.

Details about this Legal Precedent:

  • Has been drafted by an Attorney
  • Offers security for the repayment of the debt
  • Provides for a surety by the directors / shareholders of the debtor


Acknowledgement of Debt PRECEDENT

This Legal Precedent is an acknowledgement of debt, and can be used in all instances where a debtor owes a creditor.

Is this Acknowledgement of Debt right for you?

  1. Are you a creditor and require security for payment?
  2. Do you have a debtor who is in default and is willing to settle the debt in installments or on a future date?
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acknowledgement of debt PRECEDENT

This Precedent regulates the Acknowledgement of a Debt (AOD) by a Debtor to a creditor. It can be used as security for a debt or to acknowledge liability.

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