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Standard Terms and Conditions Precedent

For the Supply of Goods and Services (by the Supplier)

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These Standard T&Cs can be used by any company that supplies Goods and Services. Includes a Cover page, the Contract Specifications and the Standard Terms and Conditions. Your terms and conditions with a corporate and professional identity.

These Terms and Conditions:

  • Regulate the agreement between a supplier and a customer (suppliers contract);
  • Can be used in all instances where there is a supply and purchase/services order;
  • Complete the Contract Specifics only – the rest of the T&C’s will always stay the same
  • Add your company name to the Cover Page and Logo
  • Ensure your rights are protected and enforceable
  • Regulates the contract price and payments
  • Includes provision for delivery in accordance with Incoterms
  • Includes clauses dealing with commencement date, breach, disputes
  • Parties can sign electronically or by digital signature

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Standard Terms and Conditions Template

Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

This is a Template/ Precedent for the Standard Terms and Conditions for a Company for the supply of Goods and Services. 

This document is a complete agreement and ready to use. All you need to do is insert your details where required.

Why our precedents? Unlike other precedent you may find on the internet, our precedents have been carefully drafted by a lawyer with over 13 years experience and in accordance with South African Law

Our agreements have been drafted taking into account what the risks are to your business and the law. We aim to cover all your legal rights and therefore prevent /mitigate law suits later on.

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We provide free after sale support and advice to assist you in setting your precedents up

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We do not give refunds. However we do guarantee quality of our precedents and in the event of a dispute, we may agree (in our discretion) a partial refund or with an alternative precedent

We do not request, obtain or store any of your personal information. We only require your billing details (name, email address, phone number and address) for delivery purposes of the precedent

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