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Drafted by a Lawyer – Contract Precedents & Templates for businesses and for lawyers! We are the Contract Specialists.

Contracts Online

Contract Precedents & Templates

Have you thought about the consequences to your business if you dont have your contracts in place?

Businesses can no longer afford the risk of not having their contracts in place and possible lengthy disputes and litigation.

Why our Contracts?

With over 14 years in corporate, commercial, mining and construction law we have the knowledge and experience do draft professional contracts that protect your rights and are legally enforceable. 

We have therefore compiled several legal/contract templates and precedents for businesses.  Our agreements come with full instructions and are easily customisable. Our contracts are affordable, professional and most importantly are legal enforceable!

These days contracts can be found for free on the internet! Dont be fooled in relying on contracts on the internet, make sure your contract has been drafted by a lawyer and is enforceable! 

About our Legal Precedents

Contract Law Specialists

There is no longer a reason for businesses not to have their contracts in place

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We have Legal Precedents for Companies, Commercial/Business, Labour, Joint Ventures/ Projects, Credit agreements precedents and Wills & Estates

Featured Legal Precedents

View our featured Legal Precedents to Buy Online. We aim to protect your business' legal rights!

Contracts Online

Why take the risk when it comes to your legal services. Trust the best legal consultants who specialise in Corporate and Commercial Law. We are dedicated to client service, quality contracts and the protection of our client’s legal rights. We aim to minimise your risk and ensure the sustainability of your business!

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