Experts in Corporate and Mining Law

Experts in Corporate and Mining law

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CH Legal Consulting specialises in Corporate, Commercial, Mining, Construction, Logistics and Risk Management Legal Services. We cover all aspects including, negotiations, drafting, implementation of mergers and acquisitions, mining agreements, all commercial agreements, construction agreements (FIDIC), logistics agreement (3pl and 4pl) and risk management (risk identification, analysis and solutions).

Our Services include Legal Consulting and Agreement Templates Online. We offer a wide range of agreement templates, covering your company, your staff, your services and joint ventures. Choose to buy individual contracts, contract bundles or monthly subscriptions.

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Experts in Corporate and Mining Law
Experts in Corporate and Mining Law
Experts in Corporate and Mining LawExperts in Corporate and Mining Law
Experts in Corporate and Mining Law
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Experts in Corporate and Mining Law

We practice in Corporate, Commercial, Mining, Logistics, Construction & Risk Management, advising small, medium and large companies and in all sectors and industries. Our services include advising businesses in respect of all regulatory issues, negotiating, drafting and implementing contracts, including shareholders agreements, sale of businesses, joint ventures and general commercial contracts.

Our emphasis is the growth of the business and legal risks to the client. Our legal consultants have over 10 years experience and are highly skilled lawyers, whose goal is to protect you and your business. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to quickly and effectively solve any legal issue in respect of their business and cover their legal rights for the future.


Experts in Corporate and Mining Law
Cherine hoffman

LLB (Cum Laude) | LLM (Tax) | Post- Grad Cert in Mining Law

Corporate / business Law

Advice, legal opinions, agreements, training and workshops. We specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions, including joint ventures, shareholders agreements, due diligence investigations. We also advise on regulatory issues.

risk management solutions

We offer full service solutions in respect of Risk Management, including Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Solutions, implementation of solutions and continuous monitoring of risks.

Commercial / contract Law

All commercial agreements:, including: Sale Agreements, Lease Agreements, Employment Agreements, Loan Agreements, Securities for Debt, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Logistics / supply chain

All Logistics and Supply Management related matters, including legal advice, opinions, drafting, negotiating and implementing contracts in respect of 4PL and 3PL Agreements.

Mining & Construction

We advice, consult, give legal opinions and draft, negotiate and implement contracts in respect of all mining and constructions, including contractor agreements, FIDIC and Health and Safety regulations.

companies, websites & hosting

Now with THE LEGAL WEB, we offer Company Registrations, Business Branding, Website Designs, Website Hosting and Domain Name Registrations.

featured agreement templates

all your agreement templates online. we cover corporate, joint venture, services, commercial, labour and credit agreements.

Joint Venture Agreement
Sale of Shares Agreement
Fixed Term Employment Contract
Reciprocal NDA
Employment Contract

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